• Client communications

    From time to time, we may need to mail your clients to keep them informed of changes in legislation or changes to their plans.

  • Recent communications

    You can find details about the recent communications that we have sent to your clients in the table below.

      When Who was it sent to?
    Main message
    December 2020  Clients living in the EEA or Switzerland. 

    We're aware that some UK banks are looking to close the accounts of some customers who live either in the EEA or Switzerland.

    This could impact payments into and out of policies, so we're writing to highlight this to customers in order to prompt them to take action if needed and avoid any disruption.

    Take a look at a template customer letter here

    October 2020  Clients invested in property funds through their pension/and or Investment Bond policies that were forced to suspend dealing in March, amid the height of the Coronavirus pandemic 

    We're writing to affected clients to:

    • Update them that trading is to resume in some property funds.
    • Let them know that they can find a list of the funds that are now open or continue to be suspended here. We'll continue to update this page to reflect the position, as the funds start dealing again so they can check back regularly for the latest updates.
    • Inform them of what it means for them now if the property fund/s they're invested in has re-opened, or continues to be suspended.
    • Where they can get more information.

    Take a look at the template client letters:

    April 2020 

    Clients invested in one or more of the following property funds through their Phoenix Wealth pension and/or investment bond policies:

    • Aviva Investors Property
    • Aviva Investors Property (Life)
    • Janus Henderson UK Property
    • L&G UK Property
    • L&G UK Property (Life)
    • Threadneedle UK Property
    • Threadneedle UK Property (Life)

    We're writing to affected clients to:

    • Update them on the temporary suspension of trading in property funds.
    • Let them know that they are currently unable to pay into, or make new withdrawals from the funds until they start dealing again.
    • Inform them that we will continue to pay regular income payments where they have already set up instructions to receive payments from a suspended property fund. The money will be deducted from their policies as normal but we will fund any income payments due from the suspended funds up to 30 April. Once the suspension is lifted, we'll disinvest the amount owed to us. After 30 April, we'll re-apportion their disinvestment strategy across their other remaining funds in order to maintain the same level of income, unless they provide a new disinvestment strategy (non self-invested policies only).

    Take a look at the template client letters:

    February 2020
    Clients invested in the Phoenix Wealth LF Woodford Equity Income Fund

    We’re writing to clients to:

    • Update them on the ongoing capital distributions (all policy types)
    • Let them know that outstanding adviser charges will start being deducted from their accounts as well as updating them on capital distributions (non self-invested policies only)

    Take a look at template client letters:

    For more information on capital distributions and payment of outstanding adviser charges take a look at our adviser update

    January 2020
    Non-advised clients invested in Elite funds

    We’ve notified non-advised clients about the change of the management of the Elite Fund of Funds range, from Architas to Aberdeen Standard Investments. This took effect on 20 December 2019.

    Letters will start arriving with these clients from 21 January 2020. You can view the client letter here:

    For clients with advisers linked to their policies, we communicated this change directly to you – view details here. 

    March 2018
    All clients

    We’re continuing to integrate AXA Wealth into our new Phoenix Wealth business, and so you’ll see some more changes related to this activity starting from 5.30pm on Friday 16 March. These include:

    • Systems changes and planned downtime - which we expect to make us better able to support you flexibly and quickly in the longer term. As we implement these systems, there will unavoidably be some disruption to our services, so please bear with us during this phase.
    • Administrative changes - such as changes to some of our postal and email addresses. 

    To find out more about the changes, please look at our dedicated webpage so that you can plan activity within our cut off times.  

    Client communications

    We wrote to clients on 7 March to make them aware of the changes and downtime. In the letter, we asked clients to visit a dedicated webpage which details the changes that are relevant to their products, system downtime, and any up to the minute news. 

    These webpages are the quickest way for your clients to access up to date information, so we ask them to check back regularly. However, if a client doesn’t have access to the internet they can call us on 0345 129 9993 or 0345 034 2170 (Family Suntrust) between 8.30am – 5.30pm Monday to Friday and we can give them the information they need.

    Take a look at the letters  – you’ll be able to access each product-specific client webpage by clicking the link in each client letter:

    November 2017
    All Family Suntrust (FST) clients  

    Following on from the sale of AXA Wealth to the Phoenix Group and our recent rebrand to Phoenix Wealth, we will be applying that name to the following FST legal entities:

    • The Scheme Provider name will change from AXA Wealth Services Limited  to Phoenix Wealth Services Limited
    • The Scheme Trustee name will change from AXA Trustee Services Limited to Phoenix Wealth Trustee Services Limited
    • We plan to submit these changes to Companies House on 8 December.

    What changes will clients see?

    These changes do not impact your clients’ terms and conditions but, after 8 December, they may notice that our new legal entity name, Phoenix Wealth Trustee Services Limited – or an abbreviation, will appear on client bank statements for any income payments they receive.

    What do clients need to do differently?

    Any cheque payments into existing schemes will need to be made payable to Phoenix Wealth Trustee Services Limited.

    We’ll be writing to all FST scheme members from 27 November to let them know about our plans. You can take a look at the letters we are sending clients here:

     August 2017
    Clients of the Retirement Wealth Account, The Personal Pension, The Investment Bond, The Executive Pension, The  Trustee Investment Plan and The Section 32

    Following on from the sale of AXA Wealth to the Phoenix Group and our recent rebrand to Phoenix Wealth, we're now working on transferring policies from AXA Wealth Limited to Phoenix Life Limited, another company in the Phoenix Group.

    To ensure customers' interests are protected, we need to follow a rigorous process and seek High Court permission to do so, but provided permission is granted we expect this transfer to happen on 8 December 2017. From that date you may notice the name Phoenix Life Limited reflected across your terms of business with us, client bank statements and other literature and communications. We'll be writing to all policyholders of AXA Wealth Limited from 21 August to let them know about our plans.

    Please be assured that there will be no other changes to your clients’ contracts with us, service levels, products, investments or ongoing payments as a result of the transfer.

    For more information, and to see the letter and accompanying documentation we will be sending clients, take a look at our dedicated page.

    June 2017
    All clients

    You may have seen our recent emails about what to expect now we are part of Phoenix. If not, you may have opted out of our marketing emails – just let us know if you’d like to opt back in.

    We can now confirm our new branding is scheduled to launch on 1 July.

    Phoenix Wealth will replace AXA Wealth from this date, with a new logo, new adviser and customer website together with a fresh range of product literature. Our rebrand will not affect:

    • policy terms and conditions
    • online services functionality
    • adviser charges payments
    • client income payments, or
    • the way we work with you.

    You don’t need to do anything. But for a summary of what you’ll notice changing, what will stay the same, and a preview of our new brand – take a look.

    We will be letting your clients know from 5 June – take a look at a template client letter.

    April 2017
    Retirement Wealth Account self-invested clients

    We’ve notified clients about the change of Scheme Operator’s name of the Self-invested option of the Retirement Wealth Account – AXA Portfolio Services Limited.  This will be renamed to Elevate Portfolio Services, with the rename to take effect on 24 April 2017.

    This name change is a result of the recent sale of different parts of the AXA Wealth business to Phoenix and Standard Life.  It does not affect the operation of your clients' plan and terms and conditions.

    Letters will start to arrive with your clients from 11 April onwards. 

    View the letter to clients 

    October 2016
    All Embassy policyholders and scheme members

    We've notified clients about the upcoming acquisition of AXA Wealth's off-platform pension and investment business by the Phoenix Group. You can access the letters we've sent below.

    In addition we’ve updated the terms and conditions for The Personal Pension, Retirement Wealth Account and Family Suntrust policyholders/scheme members to reflect a change to the company that has regulatory responsibility over the policy/scheme. You can access a summary of the changes to The Personal Pension and Retirement Wealth Account terms and conditions here.

    The latest terms and conditions for Family Suntrust and Retirement Wealth Account products can be found in our literature library. A copy of The Personal Pension endorsement can be accessed here.

  • If you want any more information about these, or any other communications, please call us on 0345 129 9993.

    As part of our commitment to quality service and security, telephone calls may be recorded.