• World leaders and UK businesses have committed to become net zero by 2050

    But what does that mean for investments in those companies and countries?

  • We have a number of measures that can help you to see what the impact of climate change could be on your investments.

    In our Fund Climate Report we share information about climate change and your investments.

  • If there's no data shown for the fund you're invested in; this can either be because the fund does not hold any in scope assets for example cash and property are out of scope, or they're invested via an external manager and we're working closely with them to get the data.  You can contact the external manager for their fund climate report by visiting their homepage from the links below.

     Fund Manager   Fund Manager Link
     BlackRock Inc  Investment Management & Financial Services | BlackRock 
     Legal & General Group PLC  Legal & General | United Kingdom

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    Sharing our Entity Climate Report

    Find out more about how the companies within Phoenix Group manage climate-related risks and opportunities. 

    Go to page 64 to see how you can find information specific to Phoenix Life Limited, Trading as Phoenix Wealth.

    Read the Phoenix Group Climate Report


  • Our approach to becoming a net zero business

    As part of Phoenix Group, we’re on a journey to becoming net zero by 2050. Find out how we’ll continue to support a better financial future for our customers while considering our investment in carbon emitting sectors in our Net Zero Transition Plan. Phoenix Wealth is part of Phoenix Group and the data shown is for the combined Phoenix Group.​

  • Sustainability report

    Phoenix Group sustainability report

    Read Phoenix Group's Sustainability Report to find out how we try to consider sustainability, responsible investing, and good governance in everything we do.

  • Please bear in mind

    The value of any investment can go down as well as up and could be worth less than was paid in.