• I want to feel confident that I can build the kind of retirement I’ve been looking for

  • Building up your pension

    You can't underestimate the importance of saving as much as you can for retirement. The good news is you've already started. Whatever your plans, we're here to help you think about how you can build up your hard earned pension savings so you can enjoy the kind of retirement you're hoping for.

  • How's your pension doing?

     Start by knowing how much your pension is worth at this point in time. You can do this by viewing your pension online using our free online services.

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    Are you on target?

    Find out whether you're on target to get the income you'll need in retirement.

    • Work out how much money you could need in retirement using MoneyHelper's budget planner.
    • Then work out whether you'll get the income you need from your pension in retirement, based on your current rate of contributions and investment choice. Take a look at some examples of how contributing more and managing your investments can impact on your pension income.
  • Is there a gap between what you need and what you might get? If there is, here are some actions you could consider

    Put more money into your pension

    Putting more money into your pension can help you reach your retirement goals. We're here to help you understand the benefits of topping up your pension.

    Reconsider your investment choices

    Making sure you're invested in the right funds is one of the most important parts of retirement planning. So how do your feelings about risk affect how your money is invested? 

    Combine your pensions

    If you have more than one pension, bringing them together could help you achieve your targets better than if they sit separately.

    Delay taking your pension

    You might consider delaying when you receive your pension. This gives it more time to potentially grow in value. Call us to discuss.

  • Get financial advice

    It's important to discuss your pension options with a financial adviser. They'll be able to help you decide on the right thing to do for your personal circumstances. If you don't have a financial adviser we've outlined reasons why you might benefit from using one and how to find one local to you.

  • Take action

    How's your pension?

    Find out the value of your pension by logging in online, anytime.

    Retirement budget planner

    Work out how much money you might need in retirement.