• I need help to get the most from my pension

  • Getting financial advice

    Clients of financial advisers are likely to be up to 39%* better off in retirement than those without. If you're currently taking financial decisions by yourself but need the expertise of a financial adviser, we can help you get access to one.

    *Professional adviser, 2017
  • Couple-at-PC

    Why use a financial adviser?

    An adviser is an individual or firm that acts on your behalf to make decisions relating to your finances. They can help you decide:

    • What investment funds are suitable for your goals and attitude to risk
    • How much of your finances should be allocated to your pension versus other savings
    • What date to take your pension and how
    • Whether to move your pension to other providers, or
    • Whether to combine your pensions together

    We are unable to give advice on what is the best decision for you.


  • How do I find an adviser local to me?

    If you don't have a financial adviser, don't worry - we can help you find one in your area using Unbiased. They offer a free service to access over 26,000 qualified, regulated advisers that are independent of product providers.


  • How do I pay for advice?


    Hourly rate

    A financial adviser may decide to charge you by the hour. The UK average is about £150*. Make sure you get an estimate of how long the work will take.

    *MoneyHelper, Guide to financial adviser fees.


    Fixed fee

    Some advisers will charge you a fixed fee for reviewing your finances or executing your wishes. This fee could be paid in some circumstances through an adviser charge on your pension - a deduction from its value.

    Percentage of assets

    Wealth planners who manage a portfolio of assets or investments may take a percentage of the portfolio's value as a payment.




    You pay an agreed fee at regular intervals for either a selection of services or full advice and ongoing management of your investments.