• This is a flexible pension that can change as my life changes

  • Retirement Wealth Account - a pension to suit you

    Manage your existing pension in one place for greater flexibility to adapt as and when your needs change.


  • Helping you make the most of your existing plan

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    You can log in any time to see how your pension is performing, and where you're invested.


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    Find out about the benefits of accessing your Retirement Wealth Account online.


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    View all the key documentation about the Retirement Wealth Account, including key features and charges guides.


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    Benefits at a glance

    • Wide fund choice - choose from our wide range of well governed pension funds. Or upgrade to self-investment for access to property, stocks & shares, mutual funds or Discretionary Fund Managers (if applicable under your product terms and conditions). We don't charge to carry out fund switches.*
    • Choose how much and when you contribute - there's no minimum regular contribution so you're free to contribute whatever you choose, whenever you want, subject to annual allowance regulations.
    • Clear charging - you always know where you stand as all our charges are clearly described. Plus you can benefit from adaptability, as and when your needs and priorities change. 
    • Flexible access to income - You may need an income later in life (or earlier if you’re unwell). If so, you can choose from our numerous pension freedoms retirement income options.
    • Online services to make your life easier - see how your investments are performing by logging in online, whenever you want.

      *We reserve the right to introduce a charge in certain circumstances, as outlined in the Terms and Conditions.


  • Here's a reminder of your options at retirement

    Investment options Retirement options
    Keep all your money invested Take tax free cash Take a taxable regular income Take lump sums when needed Capped drawdown Take all your money in one go
    Pension funds and self-investment Yes Yes, as a lump sum or regular income Yes Yes


    Available only to clients already using this option


    If you’re looking to get a guaranteed income for life, an annuity can be arranged through us or another provider.

    Remember to ‘shop around’ if you want to access your money. Other products could be more appropriate for you and your circumstances and you could get a higher retirement income from another provider. The MoneyHelper service offers a range of guides and tools to help you choose the right option for you. These include a comparison tool and a useful ‘Your pension: your choices’ guide to retirement options. 

    You can read more about your pension income options here.

  • Please bear in mind

    • The value of your investments can go down as well as up, and you could get back less than you paid in.
    • You can't normally take your benefits before age 55 (57 from 6 April 2028).
    • A stakeholder pension might suit you just as well.
    • Tax benefits can change, and will depend on your circumstances.
    • If you're considering transferring other pensions, there are a number of potential risks you should consider before transferring. Please refer to our literature library to access a copy of our key features guide.