• My clients can invest together for more investment choice and flexibility

  • Family Suntrust

    Although it's not possible to set up new Family Suntrust schemes, existing schemes may still add new participants and accept contributions and transfers in.

    By investing together with family or business partners, this individually registered self-invested pension allows participants to access options that are usually only available to larger funds.


  • Family-breakfast

    Benefits at a glance

    • Combine pension investments with other participants to increase investment choice and flexibility.
    • Choose options such as investing in commercial property, or using a discretionary fund manager.
    • Plan and provide for those closest to your existing clients, as well as a potential new generation of investors. 
    • Contribution flexibility - pay contributions up to age 75, or transfer in from other plans at any time. We'll help guide you through.
    • Enjoy flexibility when taking income, allowing your clients to take income in the most tax efficient way.


  • Options at retirement

    Investment options Retirement options
    Keep your clients' money invested Take tax free cash Take regular income Take lump sums when needed Allows your clients to take all their money in one go
    Self-investment Yes, using flexi-access and capped drawdown
    Yes, normally an option when your clients first move money into drawdown Yes Yes
    Yes, using flexi-access drawdown

    For clients looking to get a guaranteed income for life, an annuity can be arranged through us or another provider.

  • Show your expertise

    Your clients with Family Suntrust really need your support – they need someone to guide their investment choices, and to help them make unanimous decisions. All scheme participants must appoint the same adviser.

    This gives you a great opportunity to build stronger relationships with your clients. It allows you to show the depth of your expertise to them – and potentially to a new generation of investors.

  • Common questions

    The minimum contribution or transfer amount is £1,000. However, if an individual wishes to join a scheme by transferring in a drawdown fund, then the minimum is £10,000.

    Anyone of any age can join as long as they live in the UK and existing participants agree to them joining. If they are under 18, their parent or guardian must also be a participant and agree to act on their behalf.

    Your clients can take their benefits at any time from their 55th (57th from 6 April 2028) birthday onwards. It may be possible to take benefits earlier than this in the event of ill-health or for protected pension ages.

    Yes. If they are under 18, their parent or guardian must also be a participant and agree to act on their behalf.

  • Information at your fingertips

    Literature Library

    You can access and download our range of Family Suntrust guides, forms and other literature.

    Pension income drawdown

    Find out how your clients can access their retirement income via our drawdown options.

    Investment choice

    Access fund information for Family Suntrust schemes invested in the Phoenix Wealth Trustee Investment Plan.

  • Need support with the Family Suntrust? Please email SIPPenquiries@SIPP-phoenixwealth.co.uk, quoting your policy number. You can also call us on 0345 034 2170.
    We are here between 8.30am and 5.30pm, Monday to Friday.

  • Please bear in mind

    All of your clients need to agree decisions unanimously - so no one individual will have control of all the decisions.

    The value of your client's investments can go down as well as up. It is not guaranteed, which means your clients could get back less than they originally paid in. Tax and legislation are likely to change in the future, and the information above is only our interpretation of current law and HMRC rules. The value of any tax benefits will depend on your client's personal circumstances.