• We can help your existing clients enjoy a flexible retirement income

  • Pension income drawdown

    With retirement comes uncertainty. Your clients' priorities and needs of today are likely to change as they grow older.

    With flexi-access drawdown, you can give your existing clients greater flexibility to manage the unknown. And with drip feed drawdown, you can help them smooth their transition into retirement.
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    Flexi-access drawdown

    Flexibility to help manage the unknown

    • Flexibility for your existing clients to take as much or as little income as they need.
    • Option for your clients to usually take a quarter of their pot tax-free; the remaining part, after payment of any tax-free lump sum, becomes their drawdown fund.
    • We'll work out the detail and keep pensions-related tax administration to a minimum for your clients.


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    Drip feed drawdown

    Ease your clients into retirement

    • Smooth the transition from work to retirement - with the option for additional monthly income.
    • Opportunities for tax efficient planning by phasing the level of tax-free income taken.
    • Monthly 'payslips' so your clients can keep up to date with how much income is received and tax paid. 
    • Leave the detail to us. We'll pay your clients' tax efficient regular income quickly, as well as reduce the pension-related tax administration for them.
  • Available on the following products

      Flexi-access drawdown Drip feed drawdown
    Retirement Wealth Account
    The Personal Pension
    Family Suntrust
    The Executive Pension
    The Section 32
  • Help your clients make informed investment choices

    We understand that clients need support, not only to make informed decisions about where to best invest in drawdown, but also to maintain an investment strategy that meets their continuing retirement objectives. There are a number of options they may wish to consider:

    • Invest using Investment Pathways - we have a guide available to help customers understand the choices available to them, through transferring to another pension plan within the Phoenix group or with another provider.
    • Change their investments - we offer a wide range of funds to invest in with different investment styles and objectives to suit individual needs. You can find details of funds, including performance and factsheets in our Fund Information Centre.
    • Stay invested as they are - if they don't wish to change their investments, you can review their current investments with them to make sure they meet their retirement objectives. You can view details of the funds they're invested in through our online services.

    Whether you need fund information, prices and factsheets, or forms and guides, we have a wealth of information available to help support your clients' drawdown investment journey.

  • Help your clients plan and maintain a flexible retirement income

    Fund information

    Get fund prices and factsheets.

    Fund lists

    Browse the funds available through our different products.

    Literature Library

    View our range of forms and guides.

  • Please get in touch if you have any queries about drawdown. We are here between 8.30am and 5.30pm, Monday to Friday.

  • Please bear in mind

    By taking income from a pension fund, together with any charges, your client is reducing the value of their pension fund and potential for future growth - particularly if they take high levels of income and/or investment returns are poor. The value of the fund could fall below the amount originally placed in drawdown and could even run out sooner than illustrated.

    Taking high income and/or lump sums may mean your client will pay more tax, and could cause them to enter a higher tax bracket.

    Tax treatments are subject to change and depend on individual client circumstances.

    Investments can fall in value as well as rise and clients could get back less than they invest.