• Corporate Investment Services - Taking care of workplace pensions

    Moving your workplace pension from one provider to another is a huge task. As a trustee, you need to know that your new provider can take good care of your scheme and its members from day one. We can help.

    We've created the Corporate Trustee Investment Plan, to give trustees the best possible investment solutions for their scheme members.

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    Why choose our plan?

    We work with defined contribution (DC) and defined benefit (DB) schemes, typically with assets over £25m. Although each plan is tailored to its scheme, they all come with:

    • Bespoke investment options
    • Scheme specific communications
    • A fully automated dealing process
    • An expert transitions service 

    So, whatever you need for your scheme, you can feel confident that your members are in good hands.


  • What our service means to you

    We have adopted a flexible approach to the fund options available to schemes, driven by client and consultant demand.  Our relationships with over 50 external fund managers, allow us to add new funds to our fund range, swiftly and easily when required.

    With our white-labelled and blended fund capability, exchange traded funds and target dated funds options, we offer solutions both today and for the future.

    You might have a particular investment objective, across a range of fund managers. If so, we can create a blended fund for your scheme, bringing together an unlimited number of funds into a single investment. 

    You could also create 'white label' funds, with language you use in your business. This makes it easier to communicate with members. And best of all, there's no charge for creating these funds.

    To give your investment the best chance of staying on target, in order to meet its objectives, we can automatically rebalance it as it grows. This means we'll adjust your fund allocations, either at regular intervals or if they change by a certain percentage. 

    You can also use new contributions to boost any funds that fall below their target - this is called 'cashflow rebalancing' and helps reduce member costs. Whatever your needs, we offer a range of automated rebalancing options to make sure your investments stay on track.

    Our administrative services are fully automated. We connect with leading pension administrators, to link trades from them to us, and then on to fund managers, so that trades go through automatically. This means we can deliver great investment solutions, however many members you have and however much you want to invest. And it also makes our service extremely accurate.  In fact, our accuracy rate is 100%.

    Moving into a new investment platform is a complex task. That's why we'll support you at every step. We'll help you to find the most cost-effective methods, and we'll help you find options that can eliminate time spent out of the market and reduce costs.

  • Going the extra mile

    To make sure your scheme members get the best possible service, we'll always go that step further. 

    Dedicated support

    A dedicated Client Relationship Manager will support you every step of the way. They will:

    • Oversee transferring investments and ongoing governance, understand your communication needs for both members and Trustees, providing you with information, bespoke to your funds
    • Give you scheme specific fund factsheets for your investment range including any bespoke funds created just for you
    • Be available for you, ensuring the smooth running of your scheme and implementation of future investment strategies.

    We'll provide you with the information you need to communicate with your members, giving them the relevant updates on the investment solutions you choose, whether that is through a factsheet or a microsite. We'll also help your members understand and feel confident about their scheme options.

    We have a proud track record of delivering innovative investment solutions for our clients. As early pioneers of blended funds, automated rebalancing and Target Dated Funds, we are always looking for new ways to develop the solutions available to our clients. This means we can offer you innovative new options - for instance, we became the first institutional platform provider to offer Exchange Traded Funds.

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  • Please bear in mind

    The value of your fund can go down as well as up, and is not guaranteed - this means it may be lower than the amount paid in. The value can fall and rise purely because of fluctuations in the exchange rate.